Put your project on a solid base

Ship newbuilding, retrofitting, conversion or offshore projects all have one thing in common: Apart from a convincing concept and design they require a solid long-term financing solution that is consistent with market conditions and a good fit for the project. A successful design, on the other hand, depends on reliable equipment and components which guarantee safe and efficient operation.

German financing and German equipment meet these challenges.

To bring these two key elements together, a strong group of prominent German marine equipment suppliers and the German KFW-IPEX bank have teamed up to form the German Maritime EXport Initiative, or GeMaX, which provides a platform for both, maritime equipment and equipment-based project financing.

“Powered by VSM” means that a project team within VSM, the German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik), is actively developing opportunities for shipbuilding and offshore projects, coordinating projects and assisting international contractors in sourcing equipment and financing.

German content MaXimisation will allow you as a contractor to benefit from reliable equipment and a solid, custom-tailored financing solution.

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In addition, you may also qualify for Export Credit Cover.

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