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MMG – powering sea traffic on all oceans:

Since 1948, Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH (MMG) has been a major player in the development and production of ship propellers. Thousands of vessels equipped with MMG propellers are at the moment crossing the oceans. Among them are many ships that are largest in their category.

It is our aim to design and produce propellers providing exceptional efficiency at fast and slow speeds with full and partial loads. We therefore do not only take into account the ship’s hull and its engine, but also the envisaged operation profile of the vessel (Multidata Design Concept).

We use highly accurate digital technologies, such as:

  • Numerical Propulsion Simulation (NPS)
  • Optical Precision Measurement (OPM)
  • Numerical Controlled Processing (NCP)
  • Virtual Contact Test (VCT)

At Waren (Müritz), Germany we operate the largest copper alloy melting plant in the world combined with the latest machining technology such as computer-controlled five-axis mills. Our integrated management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001.

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Nowadays there are more forward-pressing reasons for an optimisation of a vessel´s efficiency than ever. It is decided that the efficiency level of almost all sea-going vessels must be evaluated. The introduction of EEXI and CII underlines the demand for efficiency enhancement measures.

As a direct contribution to this process MMG offers propeller re-design together with the optimised fin cap solution ESCAP®. We can look back on a reference list of about 400 retrofit projects for numerous customers world-wide. These measures have proven fuel and CO2-savings up to 14%.

We are convinced that through the GeMaX initiative, we are able to attract more customers to select high quality marine products “Made in Germany”.

Dr. Lars Greitsch

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