MMG – Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH

Ship propellers from MMG have been setting the benchmark for decades in terms of design, size, quality and efficiency. The key to our success are individually designed propellers which are in perfect alignment with the vessel type, hull, engine and operating profile. MMG supplies efficient propellers for every kind and size of vessel from naval and research ships to the biggest container vessels in the world.

Besides the new building market, MMG designs and manufactures propeller for the MMG redesign programme. We perform extensive calculations to determine the achievable saving positional for every vessel. The predicted saving potential will be tested with our Numerical Propulsion Simulation (NPS) which substitutes the traditional model test.

Based on our success in the past, we intent to shape the future of modern maritime propulsion technology.

Our  »Efficiency by MMG« label is reserved for propellers of the last generation that offer not only powerful propulsion but help to protect resources, minimise CO2 emissions and reduce operating costs.


At MMG, innovation, flexibility and the sense for the customer need have a long tradition. MMG provides a competent and full service package from a single source. Concentrated at one location, MMG supports projects from the initial concept up to the ship operation including noon data evaluation.

The flexibility of MMG based on an extensive experience, modern production lines, a close contact to our customers and constant focus on the future. However, the finance aspect is becoming more challenging in these days, hence we are convinced through the GeMaX initiative, supporting German suppliers with attractive equipment based finance, we are able to attract more clients to select finally products “Made in Germany”.

Manfred Urban

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