In conjunction with its subsidiary TECHNOLOG Services GmbH the leading maritime technology partner TECHNOLOG GmbH Handels- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft für Technologie offers a com­prehensive range of innovative designs, consulting and feasibility studies as well as professional engineering and project management services incorporating technology transfers for ship owners, operators and yards all over the world.

Ever since the company’s founding in 1979 TECHNOLOG GmbH clients have been benefitting from innovative solutions for the international shipbuilding, marine technology and offshore industries. The wide spread focal points of work cover optimization to increase energy efficiency including ship widening with enormous cargo-boosting, fuel saving, integration of alternative fuels and energy sources (e.g. LNG), construction cost calculations, cost / benefit analyses, increasing of cargo-carrying capacities, time savings during loading/unloading operations. These engineering and consultancy activities are extended by project management, plan approval, shop test, building supervision and supporting shipyards in planning, design and construction of innovative new-buildings.

Our performances related to above comprises services i.e. for all sizes of Container-Vessels, Multipurpose- and Heavy-lift-Vessels, Jack-up Vessels and Crane Ships, Con-Ro- and Ro-Ro-Vessels, Passenger Vessels, Tugs, Offshore Vessels, Research Vessels, Patrol and Coastguard Vessels, Navy Supply and Auxiliary Vessels, Power Supply Vessels but also ship conversions and retrofits of all named ship categories.


TECHNOLOG GmbH with its subsidiary TECHNOLOG services GmbH combines, operating as an international engineering and design office, the powerful and efficient German maritime equipment supply industry with its high-quality products with a co-operative development in the field of engineering. That is why this network is of great importance for the maritime industry. Referring to our innovative new-buildings we are able to integrate depending on the type of ship 60% up to 75% European maritime equipment products.

By supporting GeMaX actively we make a sustainable contribution towards the German maritime supply industry.

Hans-Jürgen Voigt
Managing Director of the companies
of the TECHNOLOG Group

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